About Seth Ingram Performance Horses


We provide the very best care possible for our equine athletes. Our program is simple but thorough and assures good health and consistent performance. Part of our facility is presently under construction with new upgrades and add-on’s, but up and operating smoothly.


We provide full service at the show whether your showing your own horse or we show your horse. Are job is to make it as enjoyable as possible for you and your horse and still be competitive.


We are happy to help you whether we are helping you with a young horse or coaching you on your finished horse/Reiner. Lessons are one on one with the trainer. Horse can be provided for a reining lesson.


This package is designed for young and mature horses in training to learn new skills or to be tuned up. We guarantee 5 training sessions per week, 20 sessions per month this includes Basic Board.


We believe in only feeding the best for these exceptional athletes, includes Bluebonnet Products fed twice daily and premium Alfalfa and Grass hay fed 3 times daily, automatic waters in every stall. Stalls cleaned at least once per day, horses turned out daily at your request (weather permitting). Fly spray system, fans, lights and blanketing.


25245 Johnson Ave
Purcell, OK
USA - 73080