History of Seth Ingram Performance Horses is More a Story of Growth and Perfection

Early history for Seth Ingram Performance Horses on the West Palm Beach ranch.

On the surface, the history of Seth Ingram Performance Horses might seem to be the simple evolution of a boy and his dreams. But is anything in life ever that simple? After all, there is the hard work and determination of the man and his family to make it work. Then, there is the amazing character and aptitude of Seth himself that helps him relate to horses in such a unique way. And let’s not forget the grit and the sweat. So, forget the simplicity. The formula that brings Seth Ingram and his family their success is the pursuit of perfection.

“My mission was to be as good at riding horses as I can,” Seth recalls of his young life on the family ranch. “I never considered making a business out of it. I started out riding two-year-olds, and then finish horses. Originally, I was more of a colt breaker.  Then I started finishing show horses over time.”

As a young man, Seth went on his mission with the Church of Latter-Day Saints, and when he returned, he went to work for his father.

After a time, like most young men, he ventured out to also work for other ranchers before finally deciding to go into business for himself. After some discussion with his wife, they decided it was a good idea and set their stakes in Florida.

Altering Ingram History with a Life-Changing Move to Oklahoma

“We were located in the West Palm Beach area and operated our business there for 10 years,” Seth says.  “We started doing pretty well in Florida but I wanted to move into an environment where we could be closer to the bigger futurity competitions.” So, about six years ago Florida was history. The family and their horses moved to Oklahoma.

The facility in Oklahoma occupies about 20 acres. Seth says they are fortunate to have found an owner who was selling a nice setup. “This was a place we could clean up and renovate to our liking. It is working out very well for us,” he adds. Today the entire Ingram family contributes to the family business; although Dad spends the bulk of the time at the facility.

Seth hopes to focus on futurity and derby horses becoming one of the top 20 international competitors in time. “It is competitive,” he says. “There are families that have been in the business for generations.” Plus, many young people are also entering the business now — but Seth is confident that his team will be able to handle the reins and move up through the ranks.